Customer Relationship Management

linCogN's customer relationship management are stylish and contemporary. Every web design is customized towards client needs; we do not use standard templates like many other web 'design' agencies so your website will be unique to you.

Our professional services are the meeting point of substantial experience and strong knowledge of design concepts, innovative technologies and modern tools. This is a top-level service in intersection with offshore outsourcing capabilities.

We create great looking website designs for companies of all types and sizes, from startups to large blue-chip organizations. Whether it's a simple web page, complete internet web site, intranet, extranet or web application, linCogN can help you every step of the way.

  •   Creative UI Design
  •   Customized Solutions
  •   Dedicated Support
  •   Excellent Quality
  •   Great Company to Work
  •   Client Satisfaction

Featured Modules


Manages who can access the site, or specific sections according to their membership level.


Provides user-friendly WYSIWYG editor for non-technical users to manage website content.


Handles customizable and marketable product introduction gallery driven web presentation.


Gives administrator to manage and publish website news content in an efficient way.


Processes sales order, invoice generation, shipment tracking, online payment and more..

Mail Tools

Streamlines your support with time-saving tools like ticket views, triggers, and automations.

Mail Merge

Creates a full-featured forums includes all resources necessary to manage threads and messages.


Designs to help event planners more easily navigate every aspect of the event process.